DxH 690T Hematology Analyzer

The right results, the first time, in your mid-volume laboratory Streamline workflow and maximize staff walkaway time with the DxH 690T hematology analyzer. This 5-part differential CBC analyzer helps you give your patients rapid results, while enabling your technologists to [...]

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Detecting Sepsis Early

BLOG   Dec 04, 2019 Credit: iStock Anna MacDonald Science Writer Estimates suggest that more than 30 million people worldwide are affected by sepsis each year, with up to six million of these dying from the condition. While vulnerable populations such as the very young, elderly, pregnant [...]

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Mitalab Corp. celebrate 16th birthday

On 2-3/12/2017 Mitalab company took place the biggest internal events in year – Celebreat 16th birthday. 16 years like a milestone for the strong change, get out of the old way, find other way to more develop, more solid. To achieve that, [...]

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Photo contest – Mitalab in my heart

  Being one of the activities of 16th birthday celebration of Mitalab company, Photo contest “Mitalab in my heart” is held to save all precious moments of Mitalab company its staff.   Audience participants: All the staff of the corp. Time: From 6th [...]

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Happy farm – Journey of laughters

On cool autumn day, a group little Mitalaber were visited and enjoyed at Mitalab farm by escort of parents. “Happy farm” plan was built with purpose: create an opportunity for children join, visit, more contact with natural by company’s model [...]

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The moment of meeting 2 regions 2017

On the early days of September, Mitalab office in the north was busy to prepare for the “North and South-Meeting 2017”. On 8-9/9/2017 was nice moment in Mitalaber’s mind when 20 staffs in the South went to the North to [...]

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